About Us

def:  fertile land, a place of comfort and plenty

Goshen Coffee‘s mission is to bring comfort to all through each bag of coffee we roast and each cup of coffee you drink.  Whether it is a year-round blend, single origin relationship or a unique exclusive “Secret Stash” coffee, take comfort with our commitment to quality and ethically sourcing from fertile lands of plenty.  Since 2002 we have been cultivating our craft by surrounding ourselves with passionate like-minded coffee fanatics in order to  provide a consistent experience with every roast every time.  

- - - - -

Goshen Coffee Company was founded in 2002 in the small, college town of Edwardsville, Illinois about 20 minutes from St. Louis. Founded on the principle that great specialty coffee should be accessible to all. We take pride in being a family owned and operated business, and treat everyone we work with as part of our family.

We roast and ship our coffees every working day to ensure we deliver the freshest tasting product. Every batch of coffee is sampled and painstakingly evaluated to assure that it meets our strict quality standards, providing you with the best cup of coffee, while satisfying our hunt for the illusive perfect cup.
Taking this same approach in our cafes, we are able to bring together a community of coffee fanatics. We treat everyone who walks through our doors as family, providing them with comfort and happiness in every sip and bite. Our team of trained baristas understand that your coffee experience is a ritual, preparing your drink with expertise and constancy. Our food menu was developed with the freshest of ingredients, while our pastries come from secret family recipes that were passed down through generations.
Ultimately our name says it all; not only are our coffees and foods grown on lands of plenty, but we were founded on the fertile, inundated land of the Mississippi River. We then strive to provide you with the same kind of comfort that only a family could.