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Coffee Processing: What You Need To Know

Posted by Drew Thompson on

There are many different factors at play that determine why coffee tastes the way it does. One of the most important determinants in this is the post-harvest processing.  Goshen Coffee carries a range of coffee processed through a wide variety of methods. Read on to learn all about coffee processing, the varieties we carry, and our focus and values when it comes to processing. 

Types of Coffee Processing 

There are innumerable different ways to process coffee.  Producers all across the globe use different processing techniques, sometimes because of the traditions of their region, and sometimes simply for the sake of experimenting and trying something new.  Below are a few of the most common processing methods from around the world.  


Washed, otherwise known as the Wet Process, is focused more heavily on the coffee bean itself than many other methods.  It begins with the skin or skin and pulp being removed from the fruit once it is harvested. Depulped coffee is then held in fermentation tanks, while demucilaged coffee is moved to a drying surface. The Washed Process results in a clean, crisp flavor profile and sweetness that is caramel-y or sugary. 


The Natural Process is also known as Sun-Dried or the Dry Process. In this case, the skin and pulp is actually removed from the seeds after drying.  This can be a challenging method to see consistent outcomes from, but when done well, coffees made with the Natural Process tend to be noticeably fruity, and have a relatively heavy and syrupy body. 



With the Honey Process, the name actually comes from how sticky the beans get during processing, not from the taste of the coffee it produces.  The fruit skin is removed very soon after harvest, and then the seeds are left to dry for 18-25 days. The end result is a coffee with some nuttiness, fruity or jammy flavors, and burnt-sugar sweetness. 

Wet Hulled 

Wet-Hulled can also be called the Sumatra Process. The fruit is depulped, and fermentation actually begins as soon as the fruit has been harvested. When using the Wet-Hulled Process, it takes around 2 weeks to dry.  These coffees are earthy, savory, and herby. 

Brazil Natural 

The Brazil Natural process is another one in which the skin and pulp are not removed until after drying. The drying is typically done on patios, and can take 12-15 days. Brazil Natural coffees tend to have a heavy mouthfeel, and flavors reminiscent of boozy fruit, toasted nuts, or toffee. 

Pulped Natural 

Only the skin is removed right away in the Pulped Natural method. The fruit dries on a patio for 10-15 days and results in coffee that has medium-low acidity, a body that is syrupy or creamy, and pulpy or nutty characteristics. 


No matter which process above is used, coffees can also be processed for decaffeination. This occurs after the rest of the coffee processing, and usually can only occur in specialized facilities. Currently, there are no genetically decaffeinated coffees, meaning that any decaf you drink has had the caffeine physically removed from it. 

It is important to note that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to coffee processing.  These are merely general frameworks many producers follow. 

Our Coffees

Goshen Coffee carries a range of gourmet coffee created with a number of the processing techniques described above.  

Washed Coffees

Our washed coffees include selections like the Colombia, Ethiopia, and Guatemala blends.  They are all washed and then dried in different ways: in parabolic dryers, on raised beds, and on patios, respectively. 


Natural Coffees 

A couple of our Secret Stash blends are natural coffees.  The natural process really brings out the strong flavors in both.  For the Ethiopia Seka Forest-Orange Natural coffee, it results in an astonishingly fruity flavor.  And for the Colombia La Paz-Natural Lot, the natural process results in a coffee that tastes like dark chocolate-covered fruit. 


Wet Hulled 

The earthy and herbal Sumatra blend is processed using the wet hulled method.  The wet hulling process really serves to deepen and bolden the flavors in this coffee. 


Brazil Natural

Our Brazil blend is (fittingly) the only Brazil Natural style coffee we currently offer. After being pulped, it is then sun dried and later moved to mechanical driers. It offers up a honeyed cocoa aroma and a beautiful sweet candied nut finish. 

Our Values 

When it comes to trying new methods and getting creative with coffee processing, usually only larger, more well-established coffee producers have the money and resources to really push the envelope and try new things.  Small scale producers do not tend to have the ability to get as creative with their processing methods.  

Here at Goshen Coffee, our focus is primarily on working with small scale producers.  We are committed to building relationships with these producers, paying them higher premiums, and ensuring the highest quality coffee year after year.  For that reason, much of the coffee we sell is made with the standard processing methods listed above.  

The major exception to that is our Secret Stash offerings.  When it comes to the Secret Stash, we want to offer up the most interesting and unique coffee blends possible.  For these offerings, our priority is on creativity and what makes the coffee especially interesting. 


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Make The Best Cup of Gourmet Coffee With These Coffee Brewing Kits and Equipment

Posted by Drew Thompson on

You don’t have to be a professional barista to brew up a great cup of coffee at home: All you need is the right equipment!  Lucky for you, Goshen has all the best coffee brewing equipment around.  Channel your favorite coffee shop and bring it right to your kitchen with our range of brewing kits, kettles, grinders, and more. Everything you need to make the perfect gourmet cup of coffee is right in this post.   

Cold Brew and Pour Over Coffee Kits

Get everything you need bundled together with our coffee brewing kits! Try our V60 Pour Over Kit.  This pour over coffee kit comes with a dripper, a server, a scale, and a filter pack to help you become a pour over pro.  You can even add a bag of beans and a kettle to the bundle to really round it out and take your pour over game to the next level. 

Or, snag the best cold brew kit around.  Just because the weather is starting to cool off doesn’t mean cold brew season is over! This kit comes with all the tools you need for a perfect cup of cold brew, including your choice of whole bean or ground coffee. 

Stagg Electric Pour Over Kettle

This pour over kettle looks good, and pours even better! It’s functional, aesthetically pleasing, and an absolute must-have in any coffee lover’s kitchen.  Available in three gorgeous colors, this kettle makes for a great coffee gift, or a perfect little treat for yourself. If you want to brew like a pro and make it look easy, the Stagg Electric Kettle is for you.  

Baratza Encore Grinder

For a great cup of coffee, your beans need to be ground right.  And for beans that are ground just right, you need to get your hands on the Baratza Encore Grinder.  Baratza is preferred by coffee professionals around the globe for a reason! With 40 different grind settings and user-friendly functionality, you’ll want to add this grinder to your coffee station stat. 

Hario Woodneck Pour Over

Elegant, eco-friendly, and easy to clean.  Plus, it makes coffee that is clean and balanced.  This pour over drip pot from Hario is a great addition to any coffee addict’s kitchen.  For a perfect cup of pour over, look no further than the Hario Woodneck Pour Over Coffee Drip Pot. 

Aeropress Coffee & Espresso Maker

Say goodbye to the French press and hello to the AeroPress!  With the AeroPress, your coffee will be smooth, delicious, and full of flavor.  Plus, you can use it to brew espresso style coffee as well.  It’s easy to use, lightweight, compact, portable, and durable: What more can you really ask for?  

With the tools above, you’ll be brewing the perfect cup of joe in no time. Treat yourself to the gourmet coffee you deserve, right at home.  

Plus, with the holiday season slowly creeping up on us, be sure to keep these great items in mind for all your coffee-loving friends and family members as well.  These great coffee gifts are sure to please all the java lovers in your life!   


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Where to Find Goshen Coffee

Posted by Drew Thompson on

Ever wondered where all you can find Goshen Coffee products? While you can always scoop up some java straight from our website or swing by our cafe in Edwardsville, those aren’t the only ways you can get your hands on Goshen Coffee. From stores to cafes, and even a private label blend, here are a handful of places you’ll find our gourmet coffee

Grocery Stores

If you’re looking for bags of gourmet coffee for at-home brewing, look no further than our grocery store partners across the region. Since we roast here in Edwardsville we are proud to be among some great local St. Louis coffee roasters. You can even find our products re stocked in some of the best grocery stores around the St. Louis metro area. Don’t settle for mass-produced national brands when you could be brewing up our locally-roasted, specialty coffee instead. You can find Goshen Coffee in select Dierbergs, Schnucks, Whole Foods, and Straub’s locations.

Cafes & Restaurants

In addition to being stocked in grocery stores, we also provide wholesale coffee for cafes and restaurants across the region. You can find Goshen in a wide variety of eateries! Our coffee is on the menu in a ton of local spots, from The Bridge in St. Charles to Blackbird Bakery and Cafe in Staunton, Illinois and 222 Artisan Bakery in Edwardsville. If you’re near Webster Groves, find our brews at The Annex. And if you’re looking for something a little stronger than just coffee, Tree House in Tower Grove has a scrumptious Tipsy Dirty Chai cocktail available at brunch. It includes dark rum, creme de cacao, almond milk, chai syrup, and our very own Goshen cold brew.

Private Label

We didn’t stop with just stores and restaurants. We’ve even got a private label blend in partnership with our good friends at Clementine’s Creamery! The French Bistro Blend is an espresso that is elegant, smooth, and slightly sweet. It’s even got hints of chocolate, making it the perfect pairing for many of Clementine’s delectable ice cream flavors. Swing by your local Clementine’s scoop shop today to get your hands on this exclusive blend.

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Your Wholesale Coffee Journey Ends Here

Posted by Drew Thompson on

Don’t let the coffee in your space fall flat. Goshen Coffee offers the best tasting wholesale coffee around. Here are just a few reasons that Goshen should be your one-stop wholesale shop!


1. Wide Variety of Options

We know there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to wholesale coffee. That’s why Goshen offers a large wholesale coffee selection. We have a wide range of roasts, from our light and citrus-y Summer Squeeze to the dark and chocolate-y Black Dog Espresso. When you order from us, you can make sure you’re getting exactly the coffee you want, with a wide range of options to choose from.


2. Perfect for Any Space

No matter what kind of space you’re purchasing for, our selection can fit your needs perfectly! We offer the absolute best coffee for restaurants and cafes. But beyond that, our wholesale coffee is perfect for hotels, co-working spaces, and community spaces as well.


3. High Quality Specialty Coffee

Just because you’re buying in bulk doesn’t mean the quality should suffer. All of our coffees are painstakingly sampled and assessed to ensure they meet our high standards. We roast and ship daily so our coffees are not only high-quality, but extremely fresh as well. Wholesale coffee doesn’t have to be mediocre coffee! With Goshen, every cup is high quality and great tasting.


4. Support a Small Business

As a final bonus: Buying wholesale coffee from Goshen means you are supporting a small, family-owned and operated business. Everyone we work with becomes a part of the family, and we produce every cup of coffee with the goal of providing the comfort only a family can offer. Our Edwardsville roasterie makes our St. Louis based wholesale coffee great for spaces both near and far, and offers the comfort and personal touch other wholesale coffee just can’t match. So there you have it. If you’ve been on a journey to find the best wholesale coffee, that journey ends now. Learn more about serving Goshen Coffee in your space at
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Cold Brew Coffee Recipes

Posted by Drew Thompson on

It’s cold brew season! Cold brew can be versatile, and makes for a great ingredient in many refreshing summer drinks. Take your cold brew game to the next level by trying your hand at the incredibly tasty recipes below. And don’t forget to check out our last blog post for some tips and tricks to help you make the perfect cold brew.

Laura Palmer Coffee Drink

Laura Palmer


If you’re looking for something a little tart, a little sweet, and packed full of flavor, look no further than the Laura Palmer. It’s like the Arnold variety we all know and love, but with the extra kick of cold brew. The recipe may be simple, but this drink sure packs a punch! Just combine equal parts Goshen Summer Squeeze Cold Brew and lemonade. If you really want to get crazy with it, you can add a splash of raspberry syrup for extra flavor as well!


Iced Peanut Butter Latte

  • 5 oz. Goshen Cold Brew
  • 5 oz. Milk of choice
  • 2 tbsp Peanut butter
  • ½ tsp Vanilla extract
  • 1 packet Stevia or 1 tsp sugar

For something on the more decadent side, use your favorite Goshen Cold Brew to make a rich and creamy peanut butter latte. The nuttiness really shines through in this recipe, and the vanilla helps keep it from tasting “burnt” in tandem with the coffee. Just combine all the ingredients in a shaker or blender and your iced peanut butter latte will be ready in no time!


Cold Brew Iced Mocha

  • 5 oz. Goshen Cold Brew
  • 5 oz. Chocolate milk
  • ½ oz. Dark chocolate pieces

We all need a good dose of chocolate from time to time. This super simple Cold Brew Iced Mocha will satisfy that sweet tooth and provide you with the rich, chocolate-y flavor of your dreams. All you need to do is melt the chocolate, drizzle it in your glass, then stir together the chocolate milk and coffee. Voila! An iced mocha worth drooling over.


Rose Iced Coffee

  • 5 oz Goshen Cold Brew
  • 2 oz. Sweetened condensed milk
  • 3 oz. Milk of choice
  • 1 tbsp Rose water (you can make your own easy rose water using Big Heart Tea’s Cup of Love)


For a drink that is light, fresh, and refreshing, try your hand at Rose Iced Coffee. With floral hints from the rose water, and just enough sweetness from the condensed milk, this drink is a perfect summertime treat. All you’ve got to do is shake all the ingredients except the coffee together, then pour the coffee over ice and enjoy! Summer Squeeze Cold Brew Gallons Finally, if crafting your own drinks sounds like a bit much, we’ve got one last option to help you keep things simple.


You can pick up a ready-to-drink gallon of Summer Squeeze Cold Brew from our cafe! No prep, no brewing, no recipes. Just a deliciously light, fruity, floral cold brew that is perfect for summer. All of these delightful drinks will help you keep your cold brew game fun and varied this summer. Let us know what you think if you give any of these recipes a try!

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