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Here Are 5 Benefits of Providing Coffee to Your Employees

Here Are 5 Benefits of Providing Coffee to Your Employees

Providing coffee to your employees at the office may feel like an unnecessary cost.  However, it is actually well worth the investment, and can provide a number of benefits for you, your employees, and your business.  Here are 5 reasons you should consider providing coffee for your employees. 

  1. Increased productivity 

One of the main reasons people drink coffee is for the caffeine boost.  Caffeine has a number of benefits that can prove to be beneficial in a workplace.  Not only can caffeine help to energize your employees, but it can actually increase productivity.  By providing coffee for your office, you could be directly increasing the productivity of your employees, and thus the success of your business. 

  1. Increased time efficiency

It’s no secret that a majority of working American adults drink coffee at work.  In fact, about 80% of U.S. workers drink coffee on the job.  And your employees aren’t going to kick this habit (nor should they) just because you are not providing coffee.  If you don’t provide it, they will get their coffee elsewhere. For many, this could mean a trip to Starbucks or time spent making a cup for themselves on the clock.  By having coffee available on site, your employees can make more productive use of their working hours, focusing on business instead of focusing on where to find coffee. 

  1. Morale boost 

After a crappy morning or a poor night’s sleep, how great would it feel to come into work, knowing a steaming hot, delicious cup of coffee is waiting for you?  Providing coffee for your employees can offer a very real morale boost for everyone.  It’s something to look forward to and a special treat that can brighten their mornings. A good cup of coffee can lead to a more positive association with the office, brightening your employees’ moods and increasing their desire to be present and be active. 

  1. More collaboration and creativity 

There is a vast body of research supporting the idea that humans are much more productive and creative when they’re able to take breaks.  A break may feel like a waste of time when you are stressed and busy, but it can actually be an invaluable tool to allow your brain to refresh and regroup.  A coffee station is like a built-in break for your employees.  It gives them an excuse to get up, stretch their legs, and give their brains a break.  Often, this “break” time actually leads to discussions that foster collaboration and creative ideas are born! 

  1. Improved office social environment  

Finally, an intangible but very important piece of any business is the office culture.  This piece of the puzzle is hard to measure but truly does have an impact on your employees, their well-being, their motivation, and their productivity levels. Providing coffee is a great way to improve the social environment of the office.  It provides employees with a “water cooler” so to speak: A place to gather and socialize about topics besides work. Having a place like this to socialize can foster relationships, lend a sense of community to the office, and open up lines of communication that may have otherwise remained closed. Providing coffee can directly lead to a better office environment. 

If you weren’t convinced before, you should be now: Providing coffee for your employees is a great investment for your business!  It can have positive effects on your company, increase employee output, and provide a better and more open office environment. 

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